Pro Tools 6.0.1 Updates

For Pro Tools 6.0 TDM & LE Systems

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April 2003

Pro Tools 6.0.1 is a free update for all Pro Tools 6.0 users on Mac OS X. These Pro Tools 6.0.1 updates support the same systems supported by Pro Tools 6.0:

Supported Digidesign Pro Tools TDM Systems:

  • Pro Tools|HD
  • Pro Tools|24 MIX
  • Pro Tools|24

Supported Digidesign Pro Tools LE Systems:

  • Digi 001
  • Mbox
  • ToolBox & Audiomedia III (with AMCC chip "QC" or higher)

Pro Tools LE v6.0.1 will not work with Digi 002. Pro Tools LE 6.0.2 for Digi 002 is required to use the Digi 002 on Mac OS X. (PT LE 6.0.2 does not support other hardware and will only work with Digi 002)

In general, compatibility is the same as previous compatibility with Pro Tools 6.0:

Fixes in Pro Tools 6.0.1

Pro Tools 6.0.1 fixes a number of issues with Pro Tools 6.0, including the following:

"NeoAccess Error" when attempting to launch Pro Tools 6.0 with 2 GB RAM installed
When launching Pro Tools 6.0 on computers with 2 GBor more of RAM installed, a "NeoAccess Error" was encountered. This problem has been fixed.

File Comments from AIFF
Pro Tools 6.0 provides the ability to read and write comments which are embedded in SDII and Broadcast WAV (BWF) files. Pro Tools 6.0.1 now provides this feature for AIFF as well as generic WAV (.WAV) files.

Copy Finder Comments Command for Mac OS X
Pro Tools TDM 6.0 has a command to copy the Mac OS 9 Finder comments to the Database comments field of a DigiBase Catalog. Pro Tools 6.0.1 adds a similar command for Mac OS X Finder comments.

-9014 Error with Mbox
When launching Pro Tools LE 6.0 on Mbox, -9014 errors may have occurred. This problem has been fixed.

Pro Tools 6.0.1 Fixes — Detailed List
Please see the documentation included with Pro Tools 6.0.1 for further details. A complete list of Pro Tools 6.0 issues that are fixed in the Pro Tools 6.0.1 updates can be found in the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section of the online Answerbase. Choose "Pro Tools 6.0.1 Fixes" from the FAQ categories.

Who Should Use this Update?

  • All Pro Tools 6.0 users are encouraged to update to version 6.0.1.
  • In order to download, you must have your Pro Tools version 6.0 serial number.
  • In order to use the 6.0.1 updater, you must have Pro Tools version 6.0 installed on your system.

What's Included in these Downloads

Additional Downloads

Digidesign Core Audio Drivers
The Digidesign Core Audio Drivers for the above Pro Tools 6.0.1 TDM and LE systems are a separate download. If you are not using any third party applications with your Digidesign hardware, it is not necessary to install the Core Audio Drivers. If you do want to route audio out of your Digidesign hardware when using applications such as iTunes, or access input and output using your Digidesign hardware with Core Audio compatible applications, you will need to install the following after installing Pro Tools 6.0.1:

MIDI I/O Update
This new driver for the Digidesign MIDI I/O resolves a firmware problem and also provides improved general performance. This update should be used by all Digidesign MIDI I/O owners, whether they are using OS 9 or OS X.

Pro Tools LE 6.0.1cs1 for Digi 001 Update
After installing Pro Tools LE 6.0.1, you may want to run this additional update if you have the Digi 001 and use MIDI tracks. Pro Tools LE 6.0.1cs1 contains the following:
Fixed: Quantizing Chords Could Silence Some MIDI Notes in Pro Tools LE 6.0.1
Some Digi 001 users found that quantizing chords could result in some of the notes being silenced upon playback.
Fixed: "All Notes Off" Sometimes Does Not Work in Pro Tools LE 6.0.1
Some Digi 001 users found that the "All Notes Off" MIDI command did not work if notes were lined up on the same tick.

Download Instructions — Pro Tools 6.0.1 Update

For best results, use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for Mac OS X. Other browsers, such as Apple's Safari Public Beta, may not work properly with the secure forms required for this download.

These Pro Tools 6.0.1 files require a Pro Tools system with Pro Tools 6.0 already installed.

Your registered Pro Tools 6.0 TDM or LE serial number is required to download. This can be found in the following location:

  • Inside the front cover of your Pro Tools 6.0 system Getting Started Guide


Pro Tools TDM 6.0.1 for Mac OS X

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Pro Tools LE 6.0.1 for Mac OS X

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If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

Important Note: Pro Tools 6.0.1 Update CDs will be available worldwide from your local Digidesign Dealer beginning in mid-April. If you are not able to download Pro Tools 6.0.1, contact your Authorized Digidesign Dealer for information on how to obtain the Pro Tools 6.0.1 Updater CD.

Pro Tools 6.0.1 Updater CDs are not available directly from Digidesign. These will only be available from authorized Digidesign Dealers beginning in mid-April.

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