iconMasterList CD Version 2.4

July 2001

New in MasterList CD 2.4

There are no new general application features in MasterList CD 2.4.

Version 2.4 of MasterList CD adds support for two CD recorders from Plextor and Yamaha.

• New CD Recorder Support — MasterList CD 2.4 adds support for the following CD Recorders:



Tested Firmware

Digidesign Recommendation for High-Quality CD-DA Production


PlexWriter 12/10/32S


Digidesign recommended




Digidesign recommended

Note: If you are successfully running MasterList 2.3 or earlier with your current system, there is no advantage to updating to v2.4 unless you are planning to use one of the two new supported SCSI drives above.

5 MB Macintosh BinHex file (.hqx)

If you experience download or decoding problems:
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Installation Notes

If you have MasterList CD v2.1 or higher, just download and expand the installer. The application "Install MasterList CD" will install the MasterList CD application, documentation, and the DAE and DigiSystem INIT software appropriate for your Pro Tools hardware. (see list below of Installed Items)

To Install: Simply press the "install" button in the lower right-hand corner of the install window. If necessary you may choose to switch the destination disk before clicking "install."

Note: If you do not have Pro Tools v5.1.1 software installed and you wish to use Digidesign hardware for MasterList CD audio output, you must install and use Digidesign® Direct I/O. Version 5.1.1 of Direct I/O is included in the MasterList CD 2.4 installer for all currently shipping Digidesign hardware.

Pro Tools III PCI system owners should download Direct I/O version 5.0.1a for use with these systems. The Digidesign Direct I/O library is a shared library that goes in your System Folder/Extensions folder. A Read Me document (with installation instructions) is included with the download. You do not need to do this if you have Pro Tools software already installed. Audiomedia III owners still using Pro Tools LE 5.0.1 encountering specific audio problems may alternatively need to use DAE/DIO 5.0.1cs3 as explained in the ReadMe for that version.

If you need to authorize your drive for MasterList CD, restart your Mac and launch MasterList CD, then follow the onscreen directions. You will need to insert the MLCD master floppy Authorizer diskette when prompted.

Installed Items


MasterList CD™


MasterList CD 2.4 Addendum.pdf


MLCD 2.4 Read Me.pdf


DigiSystem™ INITv5.0.1 for PT III systems

5.1.1 (v5.0.1 for PT III systems)


5.1.1 (v5.0.1 for PT III systems)

Digidesign® Direct I/O


USB Floppy Enabler


USB SuperDiskClassDriver


USB SuperDiskUTDriver


How To Upgrade From Previous Versions

Registered owners with versions of MasterList CD older than v2.1 that will require a new Key Disk can order the MLCD 2.4 Upgrade through Digidesign Customer Support (Qualified external diskette drive is required for installation on a G4 or Blue & White G3's) The upgrade package is $45 (USD) from any previous version. (add local sales tax for US customers) Please allow 6 weeks for delivery in the early stages of this release.

The copy protection key is identical to v2.1, so there is no need for a new authorization key for MLCD v2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.2, and 2.3 owners.

Customers who purchased and registered MLCD v2.3 after April 20, 2001 can request a CD-ROM copy of MLCD v2.4 be mailed to them from Digidesign Customer Support

However, unless you are planning on using one of the two newly supported SCSI CD recorders listed above, there is no advantage to updating to version 2.4 of MasterList CD.

For More Information...

Including the complete list of supported drives and system requirements, please download the Acrobat PDFs of the MLCD 2.4 Read Me document and the MasterList CD Addendum version 2.4 manual from the Documents section of Support. (both documents are included with the Installer download)

The MasterList CD Compatibility page and the MasterList CD Specification Grid are available in the Digidesign Compatibility Documents in the Support section of the website.

You will need Acrobat Reader in order to read the MasterList CD Addendum.pdf and MLCD 2.4 Read Me.pdf that are installed.

To save download time, the Adobe Acrobat Reader Installer (4MB) is not included with the MLCD 2.4 Web Installer. The CD of your previous version of MLCD has an Acrobat Reader Installer on it, or you can download the latest version from Adobe

The Adobe Acrobat Reader Installer is also included on the MLCD 2.4 CD.

If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

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MasterList CD Version 1.4.1

1 MB Macintosh BinHex file (.hqx)

  • Released July, 1997

  • Includes MLCD 1.4.1 application and ReadMe only

  • Requires MLCD 1.4 key disk

  • MLCD ReadMe Archive

If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

Newer Mac downloads require Stuffit Expander 5.1.2 or higher

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