D-Show Standalone Software Version 2.0.1 for Windows XP

June, 2006

About D-Show Standalone Software

D-Show Standalone software lets you do all of the following to preconfigure performances, wherever you can use your laptop:

  • Learn the basics of the D-Show software interface in preparation for working at a full D-Show system.
  • Assign hardware I/O and D-Show routing, and name channels.
  • Set channel input, EQ, dynamics, pan, and other settings.
  • Create and maintain a library of D-Show setups, with access to nearly all parameters available on the control surface.
  • Store and recall Snapshots.
  • Use D-Show Filing features to transfer Shows, Shows Folders, and plug-in presets to/from a compatible USB storage device to transfer data between the standalone software and D-Show.

Hardware Configuration

  • In the D-Show Standalone software, you can simulate the hardware configuration of a destination system from the Devices tab of the Options page.

D-Show Standalone software is a free download that requires no authorization.

For more information on the installation and use of the D-Show Standalone software, please see the following pages from the full D-Show Guide, which have been extracted and included with the D-Show software download:

Compatibility Information

D-Show Standalone software requires Windows XP; there is no Mac version of the standalone application. For additional system requirements, please see the following section of the Digidesign Compatibility Documents:

Digidesign VENUE Product Information

Digidesign VENUE — D-Show Documents

D-Show 2.0 & Other Current Documents

Complete Guide not included with D-Show software download. The following pages from the D-Show Guide are included with the download:

Download D-Show Standalone Software:

D-Show 2.0.1 Standalone

Previous Version - D-Show 2.0 Standalone

Previous Versions - D-Show 1.x Standalone

Download Help

Windows ZIP (.zip) format downloads should be downloaded to your local hard drive by choosing "Save to Disk", then expanded. Windows XP has the un-zip capability built into the XP operating system. After saving to your Desktop in Windows XP, right-click on the file and choose "Open".

D-Show Software Release History & Availability

Current Version Console Software Standalone Software for Windows XP
D-Show 2.0.1
June 2006
v2 Download & Details Download Above
Previous Versions Console Software Standalone Software for Windows XP
D-Show 2.0
March 2006
Contact Customer Service Administration Download Above
D-Show 1.1.1
November 2005
v1 Download & Details v1 Download & Details
D-Show 1.1
July 2005
Contact Customer Service Administration v1 Download & Details
D-Show 1.0
February 2005
Contact Customer Service Administration v1 Download & Details

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