Apple iBook — Digi 002 Requirements

With Pro Tools LE 6.1.2 for Mac OS X

Apple iBook Computers Supported

The following dual USB port, "Ice White" iBook models are supported with Digi 002, but may result in lower performance than the Recommended Apple Computers

Model & Processor



iBook 500 MHz G3
12.1" LCD
iBook 600 MHz G3
12.1" LCD
iBook 600 MHz G3
14.1" LCD
iBook 700 MHz G3
12.1" LCD
iBook 700 MHz G3
14.1" LCD
iBook 800 MHz G3
12.1" LCD
iBook 800 MHz G3
14.1" LCD

Apple iBook "Ice White" Dual-USB 900MHz model not tested

The following computers are unsupported for use with Digi 002 with Mac OS X:

  • Apple G4 cube
  • Apple PowerMac G4 (PCI Graphics)
  • Apple PowerMac Blue & White G3 and older
  • Apple iMac (G3 models)
  • Apple eMac
  • Apple PowerBook G3 ("Pismo") and older
  • Apple iBook ("Clamshell")

Additional Requirements

Mac OS 10.2.6 or 10.2.8 Required

iLok Authorized Plug-Ins

Although not required with Pro Tools installation, an iLok USB Hardware Key may be required for installation of some plug-ins and optional software applications.

Hard Drives — Audio Storage Requirements

Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the internal drive in the iBook, a separate dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count.

Firewire Hard Drives

Maximum Performance Guidelines

  • Recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
  • When using FireWire storage with Digi 002 systems, connect the Digi 002 and the drives to separate FireWire ports if possible
  • If only one port is available, connect the drives to the CPU using a 1 meter firewire cable, then connect the Digi 002 to the drives

Known Incompatibilities

  • Pro Tools 6 does not work in the OS 9 "Classic Mode". You must choose Mac OS X as your Startup Disk.

Digidesign Core Audio Driver for Mac OS X

  • Digidesign Core Audio Driver 6.1.1 or higher required to support the Digi 002 or Digi 002 Rack hardware.

Download Updates

For Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar"

For Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"

Additional Information

See also: Getting Started with Digi 002 and the Pro Tools LE 6 Read Me documents in the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library and included with new Digi 002 systems.

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