ToolBox & Audiomedia III Requirements

With Pro Tools LE 5.1.1 for Mac OS 9

Digi ToolBox XP

Digidesign Hardware Supplied with System

Digidesign Software

Pro Tools LE version 5.1.1 will not work with any hardware other than the Digi 001 or the Audiomedia III card, and will not work in "standalone" mode without the Digidesign hardware installed.

Digi ToolBox CD Bundle

Digidesign Hardware Supplied with System

Digidesign Software Supplied with System

  • Pro Tools LE
  • DigiRack Plug-Ins
  • D-Verb
  • MasterList CD (Mac Only)
  • Maxim
  • DINR

Note: The MasterList CD, Maxim, and DINR software included with the Digi ToolBox CD bundle require a qualified external diskette drive for installation when used with a Blue & White G3 or higher, including all G4 models.

MIDI Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces

Video Capture Cards

DigiRack Plug-Ins & Optional Digidesign Software

Pro Tools LE Plug-In Finder

Qualified Floppy Drives

Optional Digidesign Hardware

Audiomedia III + Pro Tools LE = ToolBox

Owners of Audiomedia III cards that do not own Pro Tools software can purchase the upgrade to Pro Tools LE for ToolBox systems from the DigiStore or your local Digidesign Office

Product Information

ToolBox & Audiomedia III Specifications

Supported CPU Models, Speeds & Requirements*

Highly Recommended:

Also Supported:

Additional Computer Requirements

System Software: Mac OS v9.0.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.2.1, or 9.2.2 (depending on CPU model)

Total System RAM:

  • 128 MB minimum, 192 MB recommended. More RAM increases overall system and Pro Tools performance.
  • Note: Some users with newer Mac systems have been unable to launch Pro Tools LE with the minimum 128 MB RAM. Due to the increased RAM requirements of the Mac OS and newer Apple computer models, a minimum of 192 MB of RAM may be required in these systems.
  • Pro Tools LE application "Preferred" memory allocation set to 40 MB
  • DAE "Preferred" memory allocation set to 30 MB
  • Additional RAM required for simultaneous use with MIDI sequencers
  • 192 MB RAM required for use with DigiStudio
  • Virtual memory is not supported

CD-ROM drive for software install

Monitor, color required, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

Opcode OMS v2.3.8 or higher (supplied)

Apple QuickTime v4.1.2 or higher (QuickTime 4.1.2 is supplied on your Pro Tools CD. QuickTime 5.0.2 is also supported)

Storage: Hard Drive Minimum Requirements

*Note: Digi ToolBox XP, Digi ToolBox CD, and Audiomedia III based systems require at least one PCI slot. Apple computers that do not contain PCI slots, such as the G4 Cube and iMac models, are not supported with this system.